When should I use Condoms?

It is important to use condoms every time you have sex. This can reduce your risk of getting or passing on chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV.

Where can I get Free Condoms?

You can get condoms free from:

  • Community contraceptive clinics
  • Genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics
  • Sexual health clinics (these offer contraceptive and STI testing services)
  • C-card outlets

To find your nearest Genito-Urinary Medicine Clinic (GUM) or community contraceptive clinic visit the Sexual Health Hertfordshire website.


What is the C-Card Scheme?

C-card Hertfordshire is a sexual health scheme for young people up to the age of 25 years. Whether you're a young man or a young woman, straight or gay, this scheme aims to help young people to:

  • Make the right CHOICES regarding relationships
  • Get free CONDOMS to prevent unplanned pregnancies and reduce Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • Get tested for CHLAMYDIA and other STIs
  • Understand the types of CONTRACEPTION available


How does it work?

You will be able to pick up free condoms where you see the c-card logo but you will need to register first at a registration point. You will then be issued with a card which contains a unique ID number. You will need this every time you pick up your free condoms from either a registration or easy access point. Before you go to a c-card point, click here to find opening times and service information for all Registration and Easy Access Points within Hertfordshire.

For more information and to find you nearest c-card outlet visit the C-Card website.


Take me there!

If you'd like to register for a C-Card and start having access to free condoms, just click on the link and follow the simple instructions on the website. 

Visit the C-card site